The Bull Moose Pantheon

In an age when political rhetoric has been pushed to the ideological extremes, moderate voices can often be hard to find. I know: I’ve looked. But those voices and the figures behind them are there, though we may have to either  look to the past or slosh through a lot of rhetoric to find them.

Below is a partial and growing list of people upon whom we would bestow The Order of the Bull Moose for espousing ideas and approaches that guide independent, moderate, and progressive conservatism, in alphabetical order.

McGeorge Bundy

Clifford Case

Russell Wheeler Davenport

Thomas Edmund Dewey

Dwight David Eisenhower

August Heckscher

Jacob Javits

Kenneth Keating

Nelson Rockefeller

George W. Romney

Theodore Roosevelt

Clinton Rossiter

Hugh Scott

Peter Viereck

Earl Warren

1 thought on “The Bull Moose Pantheon

  1. Great choices!

    I would add a few more …. Gerald R. Ford; Howard H. Baker; Everett M. Dirksen; Margaret Chase Smith; Elliott Richardson; as well as: Rudy Giuliani; Mitt Romney; John McCain; Olympia Snowe…

    Keep up the good work!

    Steve Rolandi
    Larchmont, New York

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