Santorum is Dead Wrong

“We [the Republican Party] need to be more like Pope Francis. He hasn’t changed one doctrine about the Catholic Church and yet his press is five times better than what it was. We [the Republican Party] need to do the same thing.”

— Rick Santorum

If you are a Republican who persists in the belief that the GOP’s core problem is bad PR, you are part of our problem.

What we are facing is a fundamental crisis in our party, born not out of some shift in the core values of the American people, but on a Republican agenda that is not only out of step with the times, it is an outright rejection of everything our party has stood for since Abraham Lincoln took office.

We have allowed religious and ideological fundamentalists to take control of the party. That is our problem. Until we deal with that, all PR would be is spin and obfuscation through which the American people will readily see.

Keep believing that, Rick. But understand that you will make us a rump, irrelevant minority party before 2020 if you have your way.

Tip of the hat to Dan Harris for catching this quote.