Trucks Across…Manhattan?

Just checked the live feed from the George Washington Bridge, thinking to catch New York in the Ida-aftermath.

Seriously – there are more trucks heading across upper Manhattan and southern New England this morning than heading into the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach, and that’s saying something.

One wonders: how much of this is to resupply New York, and how much of it is just plain catch-up or pre-weekend supplies?

One shudders to think of the carbon footprint of this bridge at this moment.

Remembering Hizzoner

New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch during a me...
New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch during a meeting with US president Jimmy Carter in 1978 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ed Koch, 1924-2013”
John Podhoretz

Ed Koch was not particularly loved by conservatives, but he deserves much credit for his role in changing New York City’s fortunes. In a forthright tribute, John Podhoretz remembers Koch as a self-declared left-Democrat who saved New York through policies that were inclusive rather than divisively partisan.

As such, Koch offers us all a look at what is possible in America when we have the courage and intelligence to toss ideology into the back seat. Godspeed, Mr. Mayor.

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