Sosa, McGwire, and The Hall

Sosa says he and McGwire belong in Hall of Fame”
Pensacola News Journal

For the record, the heores of American baseball accomplished their feats of skill and sportsmanship all without the benefit of chemical enhancement, unless you could call a hangover or a cheek-full of Redman and bubblegum “chemical enhancement.”

If we ever walk through cooperstown to see Sosa and McGwire immortalized in bronze, we could be certain that corruption of the game was now complete. And then, we could admit to ourselves that we have become a society where the destination had become more important than the journey, where cheaters prosper, and where the cynical pursuit of Mammon had replaced everything our forefathers held dear.

Fortunately, I don’t think were there just yet.

Get over it, Sammy. You made your choices. Now be a big boy and live with the results: an empty spot in the Hall where you could have been, and an asterisk next to your name in every record book.

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