An Open Postcard to the Koch Brothers

Selfishness is the root of big government.

To wit: when we strive solely on behalf of our own interests, we create a social vacuum into which government is drawn as light into a black hole.

For this reason, those who would demand less government must thus first make it unnecessary.

A tiny hint to the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch, and other American plutocrats. Take a hint from Bill Gates and put your money to work solving the problems that afflict our nation and our planet, rather than pouring it down the sewer of political patronage. Not only will you whittle away at the need for government to take action, you will also leave a legacy of more streamlined government for future generations.

All it takes is wise vision, rather than the myopia of ideology.

Remembering Hizzoner

New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch during a me...

New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch during a meeting with US president Jimmy Carter in 1978 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ed Koch, 1924-2013”
John Podhoretz

Ed Koch was not particularly loved by conservatives, but he deserves much credit for his role in changing New York City’s fortunes. In a forthright tribute, John Podhoretz remembers Koch as a self-declared left-Democrat who saved New York through policies that were inclusive rather than divisively partisan.

As such, Koch offers us all a look at what is possible in America when we have the courage and intelligence to toss ideology into the back seat. Godspeed, Mr. Mayor.