Will Palin Begin the Tea Party Exodus?

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is now dangling the idea that if the Republican Party doesn’t do things the way she wants to, she could entertain the idea of bolting the party for a new party called the “Freedom Party.” The catalyst was a Tweet to Palin read to her on Fox News asking whether “you & [Joe Scarborough loathing conservative talk show host] Mark Levin be willing to build a “Freedom Party” if GOP continues to ignore conservatives?”

via Sarah Palin Raises Possibility of Leaving Republican Party | The Moderate Voice.

If Mrs. Palin’s feelings are representative of the far right wing of the Republican Party, the best thing to do for the GOP at this point might be to open the door and wish them the best. The Republican Party can survive a schism of this nature. It cannot survive irrelevance.

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