PSA: I am not commenting on Afghanistan because I am insufficiently informed to do so. I’m also an historian by disposition, so I am certain that at this moment, most of the relevant facts remain unknown to those of us likely to comment publicly.

Give it time, folks. The truth will out.

Meantime, let’s not all jump into the National Blame Game Pro-Am Tournament just yet.

A Little Insight into Assange

At one point in the film, as it discusses the information known as the Afghan war logs that came from the material provided by Manning, British journalist Nick Davies says in an interview, “During the four or five weeks when reporters were working on the Afghan war logs, all of us became concerned that there was material in there which, if published, could get people hurt on the ground in Afghanistan.” He then goes on to say, “I raised this with Julian and he said if an Afghan civilian helps coalition forces he deserves to die.”

From “Alex Gibney Fires Back at Julian Assange: “People are Finally Seeing the Darker Side.”
The Hollywood Reporter

This is what Julian Assange thinks of American, British, and allied young men and women who are risking their lives to help Afghanistan rise from the pit of its own ashes. This is not the voice of liberty. This is the voice of a sociopath.

The decisions about what information needs to be made public and what needs to be withheld should be placed on people for whom the release of the wrong information has real consequences. It should not be left in the hands of a petty demagogue with no skin in the game.

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