The 21st Century is a terrible time to be a control freak.

–Jared Cohen, U.S. Department of State

Does America Have an MBA Glut?

Statistics question of the day: which does America have more of; unemployed actors, or unemployed MBAs? And is it not far past time that we begin to probe the actual value of graduate degrees in business that are granted by the bottom quintile of B-schools?

Fear, Policy and Fukushima

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I am as suspicious of the shrill fear-mongering of anti-nuclear activists as I am of the shameless soothsaying of nuclear energy’s advocates. Major policy decisions should be no more influenced by gonadal reactions than an ulterior agenda.

There is an intelligent conversation to be had about nuclear power, its alternatives, and where we will get the most BTUs for the buck. But that conversation cannot take place if it is unduly influenced by emotion or money, and it cannot take place until Fukushima is under control and we have all had a chance to dispassionately review the events and “grok them in full,” as it were.