“Joining a Twitter mob seizing on a hapless middle manager or an out-of-touch English professor may feel like justice, but it’s just a cheap drip of dopamine lost in an ocean of social media profits.”

— Scott Galloway

Texas Reconnaissance is on for October.

Planning on driving up I-20 with my windows open singing Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Yes, even through cattle country: I have never been fazed by the aroma of a stockyard.

A New Day

Returning to this blog after over a year of neglect, I return to a very different world and a nation where the political spectrum has transformed.

Never has it been more important for the center to regain control of the American polity, and for our focus to turn toward bettering ourselves and providing for our own. Our job is not to remake the world in our image – it is to become once again that “shining city on the hill,” the standard by which others measure themselves.

You may note a change in tone and direction in this forum. I do not deny it. The past year has forced me (and, I am sure, others) through a political self-examination unlike any other I have experienced. I have come through that fire more convinced than ever of some of my core beliefs, and more cognizant than ever that some of my previously-held positions were informed more by ideology and opinion than the principles on which this nation was founded and by which I seek to live.

There are, for this reason, posts in the forum of which I am no longer proud, or which no longer jibe with my politics. I will leave them up, though, occasionally referring back to them when I feel an update is topical. Change is a natural part of growth, I think, and it is both intellectually and morally dishonest to eschew a readiness to learn, to reconsider, and, occasionally to modify or change one’s thinking.

If this nation is to have a future, we must all approach the future – and each other – with open minds and thoughtful dialogue.

So we have some work to do. Let us turn to it.

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