The American political dialogue has been fractured by the growing dominance of voices from the extreme ends of the spectrum. Most notably of late, the shrillest voices have been on the far right, and as a result of their efforts they have managed to turn the Republican Party into an apparent bastion of reactionary political thought.

The Pacific Bull Moose is an appeal for a return to a better Republican Party: one that eschewed the dangers of undue corporate, ideological, and special interest influence on government; that gave voices on the extreme a vote rather than a veto; and that advocated thoughtful, measured, and innovative policy solutions to the problems faced by the nation. In our posts, we frame out principles and policies designed to make the GOP the party for all Americans, not just old white men.

The Pacific Bull Moose is part meditation, part manifesto, and part discussion, less a soapbox than an iterative effort to craft a “big tent” conservatism designed to help America take its rightful place in a Pacific civilization.

Regardless of how they may be framed, the posts here are propositions, not pronouncements; hypotheses, not doctrine. Please read them as such and, if you are so inclined, respond on that basis.

Rules of Engagement

If you are tired of the vituperative demagoguery that passes for political discussion in this age, and are prepared to engage in a good faith effort to help craft a corpus of conservative thought that is relevant rather than reactionary, modern rather than neolithic, you are most welcome. There are a lot of us out here, though we may seem sometimes to be out-shouted by others.

In order to sustain an environment of respectful discussion, I ask that you eschew heated debate, name-calling, angry posts, and ad-hominem comments that question the motives, pedigree, or background of anyone commenting on this forum, particularly yours truly. If you feel the need for some spleen-venting (and we all do, sometimes), there are other forums where it is appropriate to do so.

In order to ensure compliance to these simple rules, I will be moderating comments. If you feel I have rejected a comment unfairly, I welcome your feedback.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

I also ask that, unless you have specific reasons that you have articulated to me privately, that you use your real name when leaving comments. I blog under my own name because I was taught that a person in the United States should have the courage of their convictions, and never write anything to which he or she would not sign his or her name. I ask only that you respect that by doing the same. Not only is this the responsibility that comes with living in a nation that grants us the right of free speech, trust me, your opinions will carry far more weight as a result.


Just to be clear: any opinions expressed in the articles and comments in this blog are the author’s alone and are not those of his employer, his clients, his family, his affiliated organizations, or his pet rock.

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