The Comey Dilemma 

The discussions about the Steele dossier — which Comey recounts for the first time in his book — are among a number of explosive revelations in “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” a 304-page tell-all in which the former FBI director details his private interactions with Trump as well as his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Source: James Comey’s memoir: Trump fixates on proving lewd dossier allegations false – The Washington Post

I am conflicted about Comey and his memoir. On the one hand, Comey may have information and insights that could help us better understand the character and motives of the current Oval Office occupant.

On the other, I am uncertain of Comey’s own character and motives surrounding his actions around both the Clinton e-mail debacle and the Russia investigation. To what degree is Comey serving the Law, the Constitution, and the Republic? To what degree was he driven by the unseen hand of personal ambition or political design?

We simply do not know.

Fortunately, the issues upon which Comey expounds need not be adjudicated in his memoir. We have Robert Mueller, his team, an as-yet-neutral Justice Department, and a small but elite corps of independent journalists on the case.

But we need to know about James Comey. We need to know how much he can be trusted. And, ideally, we need to know before the wheels of history have made the question and Comey aught more than a footnote in the drama of the Siberian Candidate.

1 thought on “The Comey Dilemma 

  1. This is one of the problems with a Trump-like figure: you cannot join him, combat him, or even ignore him. His black-hole distortion of society’s fabric means no-one gets away clean.

    Join him and you’re aiding and abetting the wholesale destruction of the institutions that make pluralistic democracies more than the sum of their parts.

    Combat him and you’re instantly covered in his filth. See Comey, James for a singularly clear example.

    Ignore him and you’re part of the problem, because the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

    There’s no high ground on which to stand. Preemptive pollution of the high ground is the populist’s stock-in-trade! From the moment he was elected there was no good outcome. Only slightly less awful ones. And America has a terrible history when it comes to choosing the lesser of two evils: America doesn’t do “lesser!”

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