The Red Line on White Power

Photo from WIkipedia. Using a CC Attribution license.

True conservatives want no truck with white supremacists.

White supremacy – indeed, ethnic chauvinism of any ilk – is reactionary in both nature and origin.

To be a white supremacist is to be a reactionary, not only opposed to progress but desirous that the march of progress be reversed.

For the record, this author and this blog want no truck with reactionaries, and that includes the hate-spewing rabble who continue to treasure a vision of an America dominated by any faith, gender, or ethnic group.


1 thought on “The Red Line on White Power

  1. The problem with your position in general – and how you lump such a broad group into “white supremacists” – is that it seems to not allow for rolling back what were so obviously bad decision. It’s not really “reactionary” to want to return the nation to a better, righter path when it’s been heading down the wrong road for some time.

    Maintaining the status quo only works when the conservatives maintain enough power to not let it slide into entropic “progress.”

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