Silicon Valley’s Political Culture of Fear

Blind, an anonymous chat app, surveyed over 4,000 employees of Silicon Valley companies in the wake of Damore’s firing to see where they stood on it. Fifty-six percent of the Google employees who participated in the survey oppose Damore’s firing. True, this survey was voluntary, and is therefore scientifically meaningless, but it does make you wonder how many people within Google are upset with what was done to Damore, but who now know that they must keep their mouths shut if they want to avoid the same fate.

Source: James Damore, Diversity Martyr | The American Conservative

I will confess that there have been days when, wandering the pathways of the Google campus in Mountain View, I have felt an occasional longing to work for the company. Not anymore.

No portfolio of perks or vast larder of free snacks could ever offset the value of working someplace rather more obscure that allows me to hold my own opinions, to follow my own path, and to live without fear of being fired for my political views, however incorrect or antiquated.

There is something important happening here, and it may be the beginning of the end for Silicon Valley. How ironic that history will record that the place that grew out of free and open thought will collapse into a heap at the hand of an intellectual orthodoxy as angry as a Jihad.

2 thoughts on “Silicon Valley’s Political Culture of Fear

  1. If only there had been a Google employee fired for their “political views” all this conservative wailing, breast-beating, and gnashing of teeth would make sense.

    The simple fact is there wasn’t.

    A Google employee was fired for revealing an utter lack of knowledge about engineering & people management. And the incredibly inappropriate behavior of using their seniority at a large company as a bully pulpit for ill-informed public shouting.

    As usual, conservatives reveal their desire for consequence-free speech. Not free speech. No, conservatives never want that. They just want the ability to spew bigotry unopposed.

    AKA: I want to be able to shout racial slurs without anyone calling me a racist! AKA: I want to be able to publish evidence-free screeds on the natural unsuitability of women for certain jobs and I expect to keep my management role over women in those jobs afterwards! AKA: I’m allowed to scream “Communist!” at anyone I like but no-one else is allowed to scream “Fascist!” at me!


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