Freedom’s Silent Verse

“Lady Liberty” by Jorge Pintado

The point of America was to make a place for all people who need and love liberty, not just the people we like. To love America is to love all who seek its shelter and would guard her treasures.

Let us ever repeat the words of Emma Lazarus engraved on the foundation of the Statue of Liberty. But let us not hesitate to remind the tempest-tossed that the price of freedom is a commitment to defend the freedom of others – even those with whom you disagree.

4 thoughts on “Freedom’s Silent Verse

    • Absolutely not. Which is what I was trying to say: if you want us to let you in, you have to protect and defend this society. Otherwise we’ll ship you right back from whence you came, or find an overcrowded Federal super-max to stick you in.

    • Analysis of evidence seems to suggest the majority of destructive individuals have been born and bred on the soil of these United States, and are as likely to have white complexions as brown.

      • I think that the idea that every illegal immigrant is a liar, cheat, thief, drug dealer, pimp, terrorist or murderer is a defamatory hyperbole. But an illegal immigrant with a felony conviction has earned himself or herself a ticket home.

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