Get it Together

Still, the Post reported, “interest groups and like-minded lawmakers are laying the groundwork to push Clinton, if she is elected, to prove her progressive bona fides through early legislation and personnel appointments.”

Source: With Progressives Ready in the Wings, No Post-Election Honeymoon for Clinton | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Mark my words:

Four years from now I’m going to raise my hand and remind some people that the big reason Clinton could not accomplish anything substantive during her time in office, despite majorities in both houses on the Hill, was that even her own party refused to support her.

And four years from now I will be told that, no, it was the fault of just about anyone except the Democratic rank and file that she was hamstrung.

With this kind of bickering even before the polls open, those among us who are hoping to end the Washington gridlock by voting a Democratic ticket will find ourselves bereft of incentive to go even cast a ballot.


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