Is Trump a Neo-Nazi?

I had a good friend send me this article today that draws a direct line between Trump’s messaging on immigration and the rhetoric of the most notorious neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites. After reading it he asked me:

Could the candidate truly be neo Nazi and not know it? That would confirm the power of delusion and clinical megalomania… But do we really believe he’s actually unhinged?

My response was essentially this:

Without doubt, there is sufficient semblance between Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, tactics, and mannerisms and those of the Adolf Hitler to trouble anyone familiar with the German elections of 1933. But pegging Trump as a neo-Nazi seems to be going a bit far. Several analysts, many even more disenchanted with Mr. Trump than I, have explained in detail why Trump is neither a fascist nor an American Schicklgruber. Instead, they say, we should see Trump as an American Marie Le Pen or Frauke Petry rather than old Adolf: they are shrill, they play to a small yet fanatical audience, and lack a Dr. Goebbels to help them.

So these nationalists are not yet a Nazi-like threat – not yet, anyway, if polling is any indication. Fourteen days before the US election it seems that the only thing that could change that anytime soon would be election fraud on an unprecedented scale.

Still, the right-wing populists are accelerants for the thuggish undercurrents that too often surface when nominally civilized societies are wracked by change. For Europe and America, Islamism is today what communism was for much of the 20th century: a force threatening to upend the social order and political institutions upon which the West is rooted. Hunting’s clash of civilizations is upon us, but it is playing out in our cities rather than across remote global geopolitical fault-lines.

That issue is real, and it terrifies people. The right is riding that fear, and addressing it in the most rodent-level manner possible. But the blame is shared. The populism of the right is abetted by the haplessness of the Left. Liberal admonishments to tolerate Islam and sympathize with the refugees are no substitute for policies that could address the real security challenges accompanying a wave of migration from West Asia or the integration of groups who live according to rules that challenge the precepts of liberal democracy.

Until the left – and in America, I mean the full spectrum from Hillary to Bernie – acknowledges the threat of Islamism to free societies even as they underscore that Islamism is not Islam, you’ll have people voting for the Trumps and Le Pens of the world who are smart enough to know better but too scared to care.

And if the left does not, and if the right continues to cleave to white supremacy and xenophobia as guiding principles, then it will fall to those of us at the center to craft a wiser path to the future.

1 thought on “Is Trump a Neo-Nazi?

  1. From my observation there are vast swathes of the global left that understands very clearly the threat to liberalism (i.e. “western values”) that Islamism represents. I’ve written at length on this very blog about “toleration” being a core value, indeed the value from which all of liberalism flows: your faith is between you and your god *and you might be wrong*; everyone else gets the same deal; therefore any collusion between faith and state is an abomination.

    Islamism, like several other religions (and perversions of religions) I could name, is dead against these ideas. Islam is right, all else is wrong, and the penalty for disbelief is conversion or death. It’s eternally amusing to the atheist that, of course, religions *in general* claim infallibility, and claim that unbelievers come to a sticky end, it’s just that contact with liberalism tends to blunt the edges of the *followers* of religions-in-general.

    Liberalism demands doubt. To genuinely believe that others may have a valid path to god, you genuinely need to doubt your own.

    Inventing a left/right divide on Islamism — like the invented left/right divide on much else — is not particularly useful. The real divide should be pragmatism/idealism. When confronting Islamism, what *works*? All else is useless.

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