POTUS on the Money

“If 99% of us voted, it wouldn’t matter how much the 1% spends on our elections.”

— President Barack H. Obama

When he’s right, he’s right.

Register. Vote. Debate. Agitate. And come together to preserve what we love about this country, and to improve what must be made better.

2 thoughts on “POTUS on the Money

  1. If 99% cared enough to to understand the issues, then it would make sense for them to vote, but they do not. There is only one thing worse than not voting and that is voting in ignorance.

  2. Not true, Bill. For certain types of questions, the “wisdom of crowds” beats the best experts. If only those who “care” vote, then you get increasing partisanship, and the loss of the idea (central to functioning democracy) that there’s more we agree on that disagree on.

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