On the Cusp of Apostasy

The Republican Party I joined promoted fiscal responsibility, strong foreign policy abroad, and individual liberty. The party that I’ve seen of late is one that is none of that.

Source: I Left The “Grand Old Party” Today — The Buckley Club

Luis Mendez
“I left the ‘Grand Old Party” Today”
The Buckley Club
4 May 2016

If nothing else, it is nice to know that I am not the only Republican living on the horns of this particular dilemma today.

But I’m not leaving yet. I would rather let the edifice of the party burn around me, knowing that when the time comes to clean up the wreckage and build anew, I’ll be on scene and ready to begin.

We knew that a Republican disruption was coming in 2016. What none of us could have predicted was that Donald Trump would be the one to finally sunder the GOP.

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