So What Do We Do Now?

So what do modern conservatives do now? What do we do to attempt to rebuild the GOP, or to create a right-of-center party that effectively sidelines the reactionaries, neoconservatives, and Tea Partistas to their appropriate role in the party, giving them a vote and not a veto?

Make sure, to the best of our ability, that we dig deeper into the ranks of the party for men and women who understand the difference between “conservative” and “reactionary;” who recognize that we are sending them to Washington or the State House to get s*** done and not to serve as ideological poseurs; and who are willing to represent all Americans and not just the Fortune 500 and the members of the New York Stock Exchange.

2 thoughts on “So What Do We Do Now?

    • I’d be happy to, but I’m under no illusions: I couldn’t get elected dog catcher in a town full of cat lovers.

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