Does Tubman Belong on the $20 Bill?

But in examining Tubman’s life, it’s clear that putting her face on America’s currency would undermine her legacy. By escaping slavery and helping many others do the same, Tubman became historic for essentially stealing “property.” Her legacy is rooted in resisting the foundation of American capitalism. Tubman didn’t respect America’s economic system, so making her a symbol of it would be insulting.

Source: Keep Harriet Tubman – and all women – off the $20 bill – The Washington Post

When earnest identity politics and latent Marxism clash, the Left begins to consume itself it a fit of ideological excess.

I care far less about whose face graces the front of our currency than I care about putting capitalism back to work serving the nation and its people, rather than putting capitalism, the nation, and its people in service of our emergent oligarchy.

Tempest. Teapot. Next.

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