The Future of Harvard

In a true meritocracy, whites would be a minority of the student body. That worries some people.

Source: Is Harvard Unfair to Asian-Americans? – The New York Times

From The New York Times:

“The real problem is that, in a meritocratic system, whites would be a minority — and Harvard just isn’t comfortable with that.”

If what is being written about Harvard in this article is true, we can either rail at the university, or we can take an approach that would get the entire Harvard community to sit up and take notice.

We should make clear that it is Harvard’s right to allow itself to become a rich man’s club if it so chooses, within the letter of the law. But if it persists in its efforts to select students on the basis of something other than academic excellence, the University must understand that it places its academic reputation and ranking in danger.

No longer should we simply assume that Harvard is deserving of its place as an academically elite institution. As a finishing school for legacies and the well-to-do, I am sure it will contine to serve. But it cannot keep rejecting the finest American minds and cling to the myth that it remains the nation’s finest university.

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