Taking Care

I’m not a fan of unions. But companies must remember that you pay a reasonable and modest ROI to your banker, take care of your people, and ONLY THEN decide how to split what is left between yourself and re-investment.

That’s how my dad did it. That’s how I do it. And that’s how America did it until we decided that the assholes between the Battery and Central Park were more important than our own neighbors.


Author: David Wolf

An adviser to corporations and organizations on strategy, communications, and public affairs, David Wolf has been working and living in Beijing since 1995, and now divides his time between China and California. He also serves as a policy and industry analyst focused on innovative and creative industries, a futurist, and an amateur historian.

One thought on “Taking Care”

  1. That’s what happens when you have the collusion between big business and big government. Maybe it is time for a big shake up!

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