Advice to Dems

A little friendly advice.

It’s not the bickering in the beginning. It is the ability of everyone to be mature and bury the hatchet after the DNC. An ounce of venom withheld today is worth a pound of bridge building in the Fall.

But only if you want to stop Trump.

4 thoughts on “Advice to Dems

  1. At issue is two somewhat conflicting views of the 90s. Hillary wants, clearly, all of the credit for Bill’s successes, but wants to avoid all of the blame for his failures. I’m not sure, on the whole, that she deserves either.

    Bernie, on the other hand, wants to point out this somewhat contradictory position, and note that his votes in the 1990s — a decade in which he held elected office continuously and chaired the CPC — were largely astute.

    They are largely talking past each other. Which makes the occasionally annoyed outburst stand out, of course. In contrast to the pit-of-vipers shouting matches put on by the other side.

    Trump? He spent most of the 90s in bankruptcy court, of course.

  2. Another sign, wouldn’t you say, that modern parties are aught more than shape-shifting coalitions of factions and interests?

  3. That’s one interpretation. The other is that the USA — not for the first time! — really only has one organization that can call itself a political party at the present. The Ds are arguing mostly about substance. The Rs are, well, just arguing.

    One thing that I absolutely love about your great country is the raspberry it blew to those European elites (authoritarians all) who were absolutely certain “by the people for the people” would end in tears and the rule of the mob.

    Now we see that, howsoever far liberals (as in liberal democracy) go, those secretly wishing for Daddy to Make It All OK (Great?) Again will eventually regrow within the body politic and scream for their blankie.

    My strongest emotion is sadness. Is this how it ends? Not with a bang but with a reality TV show?

    • I’m not ready to give up on the old girl yet. I think we have a better than even chance over the coming decade to turn the corner and push the beast the other way. Call me a Polyanna if you will. Apologies to Yamamoto Isoroku, the American people are a sleeping giant, more like a bear than an eagle, as Teddy Roosevelt used to say. Left to prosperity and diversion, we’re divisive and stiff-necked. But when stuff gets ugly, Americans tend to unite to give the collective boot to those who would oppress us. Television may be the opiate of the masses, but this people has limits, and when old conservative white guys like me get fed up, I have to believe a tipping point is nigh.

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