Size Problem

I have said it here before, but in the heart of this election year it bears repeating: the issue is not less government or more government, nor is it big government or small government. The real debates should be a) what do we need government to do, and b) how can government accomplish that as efficiently and effectively as possible. Arguing about size is irrelevant.

3 thoughts on “Size Problem

    • Yes, but paired with Article I, Section 8. There have been some fairly kooky interpretations of the 10th amendment that are supported neither by law nor by the intent of the founders.

  1. I find both the constitution and the bill or rights the origins of the very society we have. As far as the intent of the founders, that is best served by interpretation as they aren’t around to inform their intent; all we have are the works of their thoughts, not the reason for their thoughts. given the federalist papers, I find the socialist anarchist perspective far more accurate than any other I’ve heard. The first comment speaks to right wing mainstream interpretation omitting the actual arguments brought forth in the federalist as well as constitution. (Create a strong big government to better control the states), which were the arguments against the constitution: turning the states into administrative entities. The 10th amendment doesn’t change that.

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