The Aggrievedness of Melissa Harris-Perry

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is boycotting her own show claiming she is frustrated over pre-emptions for political coverage.

Source: MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry boycotts her own show – NY Daily News

I have about as much time for MSNBC as I do for Fox News (and my occasional forays back into their spheres tends to remind me of why.) That said, watching Ms. Harris-Perry frame her apparently troubled (and now terminated) relationship with the network as a race issue appears to do a rank injustice to MSNBC, herself, and identity politics as a whole.

Read the whole article. In fairness, MSNBC has not told its side of the story, and it needs to just as soon as it can. I suspect harsh economic realities and Ms. Harris-Perry’s own personality issues may have had some influence on how the network has handled her show. Doubtless, it would be to her advantage to characterize her issues with MSNBC in a very different way.

Given the current political and media climate, it would surprise me not at all if Ms. Harris-Perry were to show up sometime rather soon in a different, but equally high-profile, role with another network.


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