For the record, I see Trump as a danger to the nation, Rubio as utterly unready, and Cruz as morally impaired. If this means that I have to turn in my credentials as a conservative, then perhaps the definition of the word has changed.

Author: David Wolf

An adviser to corporations and organizations on strategy, communications, and public affairs, David Wolf has been working and living in Beijing since 1995, and now divides his time between China and California. He also serves as a policy and industry analyst focused on innovative and creative industries, a futurist, and an amateur historian.

One thought on “Candidates”

  1. I’m in two minds about that. Conservatism is inherently reactionary: whatever is new is against the natural order; conservatism therefore reacts against whatsoever appears on the horizon. Liberalism is inherently risky: whatever is new is at least worth trying once; liberalism therefore promotes untested bad ideas at least as often as untested good ideas.

    A healthy person, group, body politic, society therefore needs both, and most sane people would describe themselves — if pressed — as somewhere in the middle.

    So I’m in two minds as to whether conservatism has changed, or if the world is simply stuck in a state of rapid change that’s so fast it has “broken” the reactionary instinct.

    Happy to take argument on this — I’m thinking in public here…

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