Studying at the University of McDonalds

We must remember that putting oneself first is the essence of privilege, and that, in order to grow, we must leave this selfish mindset behind.

Source: What Working At McDonald’s Taught Me About Privilege | The Odyssey

Haverford College student Olivia Legaspi worked her way through college at the counter of a McDonald’s, and discovered that the values being promulgated at US universities are not what we need to be successful in life.

I have no doubt that Legaspi is not the only student in her school who feels this way, and that a large legion of current students in universities across America would agree. We need to hear more of their voices, if for no other reason so that we do not despair for having raised a generation of selfish narcissists. But the most important role Legaspi and her cohort can play is to shame their schoolmates who demand coddled comfort as their entitlement rather than challenge, rigor, and potent doses of hard truth.

It is fun for an AARP member like myself to toss around phrases like “Generation Snowflake.” Olivia Legaspi gives lie to that phrase.

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