Bernie’s Way to African-America?

I have no issues with the idea of a candidate eating with anyone. No candidate should be above meeting with any American. I just have to wonder what exactly Bernie is attempting to accomplish by meeting with Al Sharpton?

If it is just a courtesy call, why now?

And it he believes that this is an effective way to reach out to African-American voters, why Sharpton and not any of several dozen leaders of greater relevance and, arguably, of higher standing? Why not meet with the Black Lives Matter folks?

When I think of the African-American Political Establishment, I think of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. If Sanders sees Sharpton as his pathway toward African-American votes, how truly anti-establishment is he?

Of course, I could be misreading all of this. Maybe Bernie just wanted lunch at Sylvia’s, and Al was able to get a table.

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