Religious Liberty and Terror

In The Wall Street Journal, the Rev. Arne Panula writes about the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Church’s Second Vatican Council, where the work Dignitatis Humanae became a lodestar of religious liberty.

Source: A Lodestar of Religious Liberty – WSJ

Fr. Panula is well-spoken, and in the wake of the current furore surrounding the remarks of one presidential candidate, his thoughts are well-timed. It is ironic that, on the 50th anniversary of the issuance of Dignatatis Humanae, Donald Trump would propose to ban travel to the US on the basis of religious affiliation.

It is hard to understand how anyone who considers himself (or herself) to be an American and a friend of Liberty would support Donald Trump today. It is now all the more perplexing that anyone who believed themselves to be a devout Roman Catholic could in good conscience support the candidate.

1 thought on “Religious Liberty and Terror

  1. Oh? Perhaps it just that many Americans have some understanding of history. We did, after all, ban Germans entrance to US during WWI and both Germans and Japanese access during WWII. We also both banned and deported Iranians during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

    There’s nothing in America or, from what I can see, Christendom that requires that immigrants of undesired character or allegiance be allowed into any nation. I can’t see where the undesired character or allegiance is made any different just because it’s a religion instead of a nationality.

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