1 thought on “Graham on Trump

  1. I love the implied “America *was* great, but isn’t now” in the “…great again” formulation.

    I disagree. America has never been perfect, and its greatest strength has always been a frank admission of this with a strong bipartisan desire to fix whatever’s wrong. Disagreements about *how* to fix the problems are great. Disagreements on what the problems are, less so. But great? Yes. Still. Perhaps always. At least, as long as its commitment to the rule of law and liberal democracy doesn’t waver.

    The dogwhistling in the “…great again” is both a clever marketing nostalgia for a non-existent golden past (pre Civil RIghts, perhaps? Or pre Civil War?) and a very unclever broad-brush smearing of the (many, and impressive) achievements of the past few decades.

    Every complex problem has an infinite array of simple, wrong answers. And simple, wrong answers is all The Donald has ever had. Even his “I’ve built a successful business and I’m a billionaire” claim falls apart under even the lightest scrutiny: his inheritance from his father, had he simply put it in a savings account and spent a million dollars a year on cocaine and hookers, would make him a richer man than he is today. He’s a *shitty* businessman who has never created value for anyone, including himself.

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