Rod Dreher gets it right on San Bernardino

My favorite Granola Conservative Rod Dreher makes a super point about the tragic events in San Bernardino yesterday that sums up all of my feelings about the event, save one:

I have nothing to say at this time about the San Bernardino shootings, until we know who did it, and why they may have done it. Thanks to the police there, we will probably have that information soon. What I do want to say is how repulsive I find all the people on Twitter, Facebook, and yes, in the media, who have shown themselves all afternoon eager to cram this atrocity into a preferred political narrative. The certainty that there will be millions of people disappointed when the identity of the killers and their motives are revealed makes me despair of what we have become in this country.

Source: San Bernardino Spite | The American Conservative

One more sentiment: my heart and prayers go out to the families of the dead, wounded, and scarred; my thanks go out to the men and women of law enforcement and other first responder agencies who kept this from being much worse; and my gratitude goes to the unsung citizens who helped yesterday by actively assisting responders, or even enduring the inconvenience of a much longer commute.


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