Bush is Half Right on Climate Change

Jeb Bush blasts ‘arrogance’ in climate change debate  CNNPolitics.com.

CNN ran this interesting story on a Jeb Bush media get together. It is interesting for several reasons, some good, some bad.

GOOD: Jeb acknowledges that climate change is real, a stance that should be core to the GOP going forward;

GOOD: He also makes the scientifically-accurate point that we are unclear how much of this is natural and cyclical, and how much of it is man-made;

BAD: He does not acknowledge that until we know how much is man-made, common sense dictates that we take reasonable steps to mitigate human activity that seems likely to exacerbate the problem.



3 thoughts on “Bush is Half Right on Climate Change

  1. Your conclusion is (somewhat) correct, but your reasoning is faulty. We do indeed know “how much of this is natural and cyclical, and how much of it is man-made” — and we’ve known for a few years now. You would have been right had you been writing this post in 2011, but it’s now 2015.

    Here’s a summary of what the IPCC says: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2013/sep/27/global-warming-ipcc-report-humans

    There’s an excellent graph showing the (multiple, excellent) studies on which this conclusion is based about halfway down that page.

    The “scientifically accurate” point is that we know with extremely high confidence that it’s us. It’s also what that commie-pinko group of socialist-community-organizers at the Pentagon knows, what the entire business community outside the oil industry knows, and what every thinking human being knows.

    The GOP isn’t *only* revealing that it’s an entirely bought-and-paid-for subsidiary of Big Oil with its current position, it’s also an active participant in destroying the future of your children and mine.

  2. Thank you for that. Fascinating that aerosol usage is having the opposite effect. I recant the “scientifically accurate” bit.

    And as to the “GOP,” I am sure you are aiming your comments on office holders rather than voters. You might be surprised how quickly the conservative electorate is coming around on climate change. http://environment.yale.edu/climate-communication/article/not-all-republicans-think-alike-about-global-warming/

  3. Extremely heartened to read that, David. And yes, GOP politicians is what I meant. I know many red-meat conservatives who are not anti-science.

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