Of Priests and Oilmen

Pope Francis’s positions have compelled a number of politicians once again to declare themselves Americans first, Catholics second. Rick Santorum, a GOP candidate who has long attributed his staunchly conservative views to his faith, dismissed the encyclical in advance, quipping that the pope should “leave science to the scientists”. (Perhaps it bears noting that the pope trained as a chemist before joining the clergy.)

Religion and politics: The Republicans have a pope problem | The Economist.

The Economist is not the first to report on this problem – The American Conservative has been discussing this at some length, including a damning piece by the devout Crunchy Con Rob Dreher excoriating Jeb Bush for being a “cafeteria Catholic.”

At some point, the Republican candidates for President are going to have to recognize that their messages on climate are looking increasingly like they are coming from the public relations departments of America’s largest fossil fuel producers.

1 thought on “Of Priests and Oilmen

  1. Our political systems were designed to provide tools to deal with issues of various dimensions, from “local-” to “country-” sized. Occasionally, a group of countries has banded together to counter regional threats (the world wars being the obvious examples, although the fights against smallpox and the like also qualify).

    We’ve never faced civilization-sized problems before. We just don’t have the tools, nor really any idea of how to build them. Yet civilization-sized threats is exactly what we now face on multiple fronts.

    History will be singularly unkind to those who are now fighting to prevent even a *discussion* of how to begin the process of tool building.

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