Religious Intolerance is Ingrained in America

A Catholic philosopher friend who thinks very deeply about these things says that we are deceiving ourselves if we think that appeals to religious liberty will protect us in the emerging order. Even if broad-minded liberals wanted to be tolerant and magnanimous, he says, the logic that leads to the discovery in the Constitution of gay civil rights will require intolerance of religious liberty, insofar as it impinges upon gay rights. This is because ideas have consequences, and the ontological and anthropological ideas that led to the moral and legal justification of same-sex marriage depose normative Christianity from the core of the culture’s understanding of itself.

via Rod Dreher
The Unraveling of the Common Good
The American Conservative
April 28, 2015

The Kulturkampf is over, people of faith lost, and it was pretty much inevitable. All that remains for people of faith to do is decide whether they want to assimilate, revolt, or find some modus vivendi that allows us to live according to the precepts of our faiths at a degree of remove from the wider society.

3 thoughts on “Religious Intolerance is Ingrained in America

  1. That, or accept that we’ve been here before and that the startling, 400-year-old solution is toleration. Neither assimilation, nor revolt, nor “withdrawal” is necessary. Simply a humble acceptance that your view of what’s right might be wrong, and so might mine be, but either way neither of us are the ultimate arbiter.

    I’m not sure what the chapter and verse is in Shemot (sp?), but the verse usually cited as the foundation of toleration in Exodus it’s rendered thusly: “And you shall not mistreat a stranger, nor shall you oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

  2. This is the inevitable result of accommodation and compromise with the progressive left. You either adopt their position or you will be destroyed. Total Capitulation is their middle ground. Just as compromise with Islam means total surrender, same with the progressive left. Searching for middle ground used to be a virtue. Now it is suicide.

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