TAC doesn’t like Cruz much, either…

Cruz’s new grandstanding as a presidential candidate will mostly work to weaken other conservatives that have a much better chance at the nomination than he does, and his campaign makes it more likely that a relative moderate will come away with the win.

via Ted Cruz’s Latest Stunt: A Presidential Campaign | The American Conservative.

A great quote, but I’m wondering who TAC might term a “relative moderate?” Romney? Huntsman?

2 thoughts on “TAC doesn’t like Cruz much, either…

  1. True. I think the TAC’s wider point is that Cruz will join a fairly crowded field on the far right, and that an opportunistic moderate who can mobilize the base could win against a divided right. I don’t buy it: the only way to make that work is to be in a strong position going into the RNC AND have two guys splitting the right. Doesn’t usually happen that way, but when it does, good things can happen.

    Still, hope is not a method, so I remain skeptical.

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