Stop “Liking” Memes: Get off Your Butt and Fix America

There is a Facebook meme going around with a photo of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg¬†saying “I think our system is being polluted by money.”

She’s not wrong, but before we start cooking up cures, let us pull back the shot from its focus on cash and see the entire problem rather than the most pus-laden symptom.

We need an American Clean Governance Act that genuinely reforms election finance. We also need to define lobbying more tightly so that acts of corruption that take place under the rubric of lobbying are separated from the legitimate act of informing the legislature.

But this is not just about new laws. This is about public action. Each of us has it within our power to change government. Let’s be clear: voter laziness is doing at LEAST as much damage to election results as the brain-dead voter ID laws.

Voting is not a right, people. It is a responsibility. Because every vote not cast is not a vote for the status quo. It is a vote for tyranny.

The next time you hear somebody blaming a Koch, a Soros, a church or a union for the problems in American government and start to get really heated up, go look in a mirror and say to yourself, three times, “a better America begins with me voting.” Not sharing a meme on Twitter or hitting “Like” on Facebook.¬†Voting.

2 thoughts on “Stop “Liking” Memes: Get off Your Butt and Fix America

  1. David, you are absolutely correct. I have worked as an election judge for the last three election cycles. Never have I seen a dollar bill come in to vote. It is citizens who vote. And in Texas, it is citizens who care enough to actually register and have proper ID: not too much to ask really. The real problem with our electoral process is not the presence of money swaying the opinions of voters paying attention, but the willful ignorance and apathy of over half of the electorate.

    There is a reason why Texas leads the Country in electing Conservative Republicans to office and that is that the Conservative Grass Roots gets out and works to deliver their voters. Even so, most of the candidate choices in the recent State Primary won their nominations with less than 10% of potential voters actually showing up. The future of this country will not be determined by well funded Political Action Committees, but by concerned citizens who care enough to participate. In my opinion, anyone who fails to vote, forfeits the right to complain about the result.

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