One Last Thought on Columbus

We are the heirs of marauders, pirates, conquerors, colonizers, colonialists, and imperialists. And such knowledge is why so many have guilty consciences and seek to salve them by repudiating Columbus.

— Patrick Buchanan

1 thought on “One Last Thought on Columbus

  1. Yes, that is true. And the lands that were taken from the Native tribes who were living on the land by the European settlers, had been taken previously from other groups. That is the history of mankind. How far back do we have to go back to find the “rightful owner”? When those of Mexican decent say they want SW America returned to Mexico they are ignoring the fact that the descendants of the Spanish Conquerers took the territory from the Navaho and other native tribes. I have adopted the attitude of my father. Our family never killed any indians and never owned any slaves. I don’t owe anyone from the past anything but I try to treat everyone as best as I can in my lifetime.

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