The Fed is Afraid of Goldman. This is Bad.

United States of Bankers
Rod Dreher

The American Conservative
September 29, 2014

One of those stories where the pull-quotes speaks for themselves, demanding no narration.

The American Conservative is all over the story of how the Feds are terrified to regulate Goldman Sachs et al. NPR is all over it. Pro Publica is all over it.

Time to wake up, folks. Forget the non-issues being used to divide the nation. The Right, the Left, and everyone in between need to get together and put an end to the corporate capture of the organs of our government.

And if you don’t think that’s an issue that every American should be screaming about, you had best explain yourself. Use the space below.

1 thought on “The Fed is Afraid of Goldman. This is Bad.

  1. Is it actually the embarrassment factor that makes this 30 year intimate relationship with what is essentially economic voodoo somehow unfixable? Perhaps what’s needed is two unimpeachable elder statespersons —- one from each party —- to say, together, “Look, we were all taken in by this stuff — but enough is enough and this is too important to play politics with?”

    Leaving aside, for a moment, the nonexistance of unimpeachable elder statespersons from either side!

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