Bacon, Islam, and the the Failure of the Politically Correct Society

Winooski, Vermont and the Dismantling of America’s Values – The Dennis Prager Show

Dennis and I don’t always agree, and he gets himself whipped into quite a lather on this one, but he makes a superb point: in the name of political correctness we are surrendering our freedoms, and no more so than in the speed of our retreat in the face of Sharia law.

There is a line between the tact that comes with common decency on the one hand and being hypersensitive about offending the hypersensitive on the other. Winooski, Vermont has stepped over that line. It is no more correct to take down the bacon sign than it is to demand that a nativity scene be removed from a Church law, that crosses be removed, and that Jews be prohibited from wearing religious garb.

On the other hand, if that makes sense to you, I understand that there are many parts of France that can be quite lovely…

2 thoughts on “Bacon, Islam, and the the Failure of the Politically Correct Society

  1. You’re right. It is unfair to paint an entire town with a tar brush, and I should probably address that.

    I think we differ on the definition of political correctness. To be politically correct is to place the desire to avoid causing offense above the desire to tell the truth, or above the desire to stand up for any other principle.

    We all need to be a lot more thick-skinned, and we all need to stop letting the hypersensitivity of others govern our lives. I abhor anti-Muslim sentiments the way I abhor anti-Semitism. But I think it as wrong for this lady to get upset about a public ad for bacon as it is for my fellow Jews and me to be offended by Xmas carols in a shopping mall.

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