A Word on Benghazi

I am heartbroken and infuriated about the fiasco in Benghazi. I want answers. I want heads to roll. I do not like the Obama administration, the unanswered questions worry me, and the White House circling the wagons suggests a bigger problem in the way the executive branch handles crises.

But I am worried about two things: first, how this is starting to look like a witch hunt rather than an inquiry, and how the focus has become politically crippling a bunch of Democrats rather than figuring out what where the cracks are in our intelligence, special operations, and command systems.

The truth will eventually come out and the reputations and legacies of a lot of people will be damaged or destroyed. In the meantime, we have a country to run and a truckload of more important problems to fix.

Both parties need to agree to turn this over to a non-partisan blue-ribbon panel to figure out what went wrong, to assign blame where it belongs, and to fix the problems. Any rhetoric or accusations that go beyond calling for this panel are partisan noise.

And any effort to impede the start of such an investigation is obstruction of justice.

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