Intolerance is the New Black

I am a lifelong conservative, and I am disgusted by the intolerance demonstrated by many on the reactionary right to diversity of viewpoints. As I have pointed out often in this forum, the readiness of many in my GOP to brand me a RINO – indeed, the very existence of the term – hints at a worship of ideological orthodoxy that is not only at odds with the history of this Party, but at odds with the ideals underlying our republic.

Rather than eschew such behavior and take the moral high ground, the American Left has chosen to follow the reactionary right into the same gutter. There is zero tolerance for racism on campus, unless it is directed at Jewish students by Palestinian students and their sympathizers.  An American CEO is forced out of his position merely for making a contribution to a group that opposed gay marriage, implying that managers in privately-owned firms are subject to ideology tests. And in our own California, they are moving to exclude judges from sitting on the bench if those judges are affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. And this is an abbreviated list.

Opposition to diversity of viewpoints is anathema to American democracy, and it is unacceptable regardless of whether it comes from left, right, or center. It is ironic, however, that the Left, which has always positioned itself as the voice of tolerance and inclusion, has of late it has demonstrated a growing intolerance to heterodoxy.

This country was founded on the idea that no matter how repugnant I find your ideas, I will fight to the death for your right to hold and share them. That sentiment has been buried on the right and on the left.

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