A Point on Net Neutrality

As we begin to examine the unsavory ties between the FCC leadership and the telecommunications industry, we on the right would be wrong to frame this as an issue of the left vs. business. While respecting the property rights of the telcos, we should also keep in mind the nation of businesses that have grown on and now depend on net neutrality. And while respecting the needs of large companies that depend on net neutrality, we should also recognize that every business should pay a fair price for the services it receives.

Being pro-business is not, and never should be, about coddling leviathans. It is, rather, to make the field fertile for the modern American Yeomanry: the farmer, the shop owner, the entrepreneur, and the guy in his basement inventing the future.

Teddy Roosevelt and Ike Eisenhower understood this. Massive corporations need no coddling. They need watching, because once they strays beyond commerce and into the political arena, they individually and collectively pose a latent danger to democracy.

As Republicans and as Americans, we forget this at our peril. And we have forgotten it too long already.

As we ponder the implications of Net Neutrality, lets make sure that our arguments are swayed neither by the propaganda of the Internet libertarians nor of the corporate interests involved, but by principle.

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