Rushing to Judge the Stanford Climate Plan

Stanford scientist to unveil 50-state plan to transform US to renewable energy.

Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson and several of his fellows have introduced a roadmap that will supposedly allow New York, California, and Washington to make a complete switch to renewable energy by 2050.

That’s an intriguing plan, in part because it opens the door to an economy based entirely on renewable energy, an in part because it gives us 35 years to accomplish it.

I have one friend, on the Left, who has already convinced himself that the Jacobson roadmap is a lost cause.

“Now if only people in those states were smart  enough to follow thru. [sic]”

I am a fan of exploring how far we can go with alternative energy, and I applaud Jacobson for his efforts in drawing the roadmap. God, however, is in the details. It is premature to condemn as mentally challenged people who will not adopt a plan until we understand the costs of its implementation as well as its benefits, and until that study has had the benefit of review by a wide range of qualified, unbiased experts.

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