Laughing at Nancy

Jon Stewart is liberal, but he’s intellectually honest enough to (respectfully) challenge those who share his progressive beliefs, at least from time to time. For Ms. Pelosi to do so poorly while being interviewed by a man of the left tells you a great deal about her, but also something about how intellectually bankrupt leading Democrats are.

Jon Stewart (Literally) Laughs at Pelosi”
Peter Wehner
Commentary Magazine
January 31, 2014

America is strengthened by great politicians, people who are able to deftly balance their personal beliefs with the need to govern the nation. If there is a single cause of the trouble in which the nation finds itself, it is that through aging and electoral attrition our government is hemorrhaging such people. That Nancy Pelosi now represents the leadership of the House Democrats is ample evidence that the Left suffers from this problem at least as much as the right.

One other thought. It is easy to point fingers across the aisle, and far more difficult to take down an ally. To his credit Jon Stewart is as prepared to put Nancy Pelosi on the spot as he is to do same to John Boehner, because Stewart understands his role: he is a watchdog, not a cheerleader. To me that is the purpose of an informed citizenry, and why knee-jerk partisanship is, by nature, anti-democratic.


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