Shades of Red

I read a lot of liberal/progressive publications. I think every Republican should. I also think liberals and progressives should read more writings from the right, as well. Not only is it good to know what the other side is thinking, reading the opposition tests intellectual honesty and hones one’s own thinking. And, as I have said here before, no side has a monopoly on the truth.

In this reading one of my ongoing irritants is that these magazines – The New Republic most prominently among them – still fail to make distinctions among Republicans. They don’t see the reactionary right, most often associated with the Tea Party; they don’t see the libertarian wing. They miss the continued presence of the silenced-but-real neoconservatives, frequently mis-named “mainstream Republicans.”

And, finally, they ignore totally the Silent Majority, those of us who understand that measured progress is a good thing, but that Change for its own sake is foolishness; and that we need a government that acts morally rather than one that tries to legislate morality.

Maybe from the far side of the spectrum, everything right of center looks the same shade as red. But I know that there are flavors of liberals, ranging from blue-dog Democrats to hardcore radical progressives. I learned a long time ago that profiling the opposition and lumping them all together ignores the hidden fault lines in American politics, and sacrifices opportunities to build common cause with a wide spectrum of people. In short, it’s just dumb and demagogic.

1 thought on “Shades of Red

  1. The conservative/libertarian/right winger side of things was right about Obamacare. I thought it might be a sort of half step forward but has proved to be an utter disaster combining corporate cronyism, overreliance on technology and totally unnecessary complexity. The tech companies that were given lucrative open ended contracts to build the ACA websites made sizeable donations to Obama’s campaigns. It ultimately shows the inability of our rotten bloated government to regulate corporations and create a fair playing field…restore the dream… type liberal phrases. This actually leads me to conclude we need solutions from further to the left but I can still agree with friends and neighbors on the right about this 5,000 page pile of shit that has been dumped on us. They were right to criticize it and sound the alarm. We don’t even know the extent of the damage this is going to do. What doesn’t make any sense however is to in any way defend the existing healthcare plan we had before.

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