How Social Media is Changing Disaster Response

Subcommittee Hearing: Emergency MGMT 2.0: How #SocialMedia & New Tech are Transforming Preparedness, Response, & Recovery #Disasters #Part2 #Govt/NGOs
The House Committee on Homeland Security

July 9, 2013

It is nice to see Congress keeping up with trends, and judging from all of the hashtags in the title above, you have to hope some of our distinguished Solons know the difference between Twitter and Facebook.

Social media can be a massive time-suck. It can also be a powerful tool at the right time and in the right hands. The Department of State figured that out, and is now working on its toolkit. Apparently, so has the American Red Cross, and several state and local governments. These hearings are a ray of hope that the DHS will as well.

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