Some Perspective on Drones


Picture taken during "Giornata Azzurra&qu...

Picture taken during “Giornata Azzurra” 2007 (Italian Air Force airshow) at Pratica di Mare AFB, Italy. RQ-1 Predator of Italian Air Force, 32° Stormo (italian for “Wing”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flying Under the Influence
By @Drunkenpredator

Foreign Policy

Some perspective – from the “point-of-view” of a Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – about why many of arguments levied against the use of UAVs in combat fail to make an adequate case against them. There are issues with doctrine and employment, but let’s focus on those issues, shall we?

The truth is that in a day and age of falling budgets, the UAVs are – or should be – the future. The only two things that can stop them are misguided politics or Air Force officers determined to continue paying $300 million – $400 million for a single manned fighter.

What we need is well thought-out doctrine under which these craft can and should be employed, with a view to minimizing civilian casualties and to enhancing US prestige abroad, all without overly tying the hands of the warfighter.

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