A New “Face” In the “Radical Center”

Coffee Party USA

Coffee Party USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Coffee Party USA

In what probably began as a send-up to the Tea Party, the Coffee Party USA is a nascent movement of what we call the “Radical Center.”  Rather than preach revolution, they preach better governance and political involvement from all sides of the debate.

More than just an umbrella movement of “independents” and “undecideds,” it is organizing those unaffiliated voters based on the issues that have chased them out of parties in the first place.

The group’s focus is on what they call the “cycle of corruption” in American politics, and their cure includes campaign finance reform, the re-regulation of Wall Street, and a rethink of the tax code, beginning with a renewed look at the Simpson-Bowles Plan.

I agree with 50-60% of what they say, which is a lot more than I can say for the Tea Party or the DNC, so they’re going on my list of organizations to support in a wider effort to bring the political dialogue in this country back to the rest of us.

1 thought on “A New “Face” In the “Radical Center”

  1. A welcome voice. I don’t know what else they will focus on, but I’m in perfect agreement that the items you mentioned demand thoughtful change.

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