RAND Medicine


English: Rand Corporation Headquarters, Main S...

English: Rand Corporation Headquarters, Main Street, Santa Monica, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Farsighted Leadership in a Shortsighted World: Looking Beyond the 2012 US Election
Michael D. Rich et al

In this series of brief essays, Santa Monica-based think tank RAND takes some practical and balanced approaches to what it sees as the key issues underlying the election campaign and the coming five years. In a season marked by its ideological rhetoric, the RAND team offers a hint at what balanced policy discussion should look like – or at least a starting point for it.

People fired up by the divisive rhetoric of the campaign will find little to incite anger, hatred, or deep passion here. The content is designed to appeal to reason in an effort to posit a starting point for bipartisan discussion.

Despite RAND’s ostensibly right-of-center pedigree, there is little here in terms of pandering to the right any more than to the left. We will be excerpting the RAND analyses over the coming days. Stay tuned, or check them out for yourself.

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