The Business of America

The business of America is business.

Let me qualify that. The business of America is business, but that truism ends when collusion between commercial interests and legislators creates a plutocracy that undermines democracy.

America is and must ever be a nation of yeomen, not of oligarchs.

To support an ethos that can be exploited to justify oligarchy is to be anti-democratic, and a closet fascist. As conservatives, it is time we recognized the thin line between “pro-business” and “pro-plutocracy,” and how the latter is death to the very values we hold dear.

2 thoughts on “The Business of America

    • I am a big fan of capitalism, but not the kind of capitalism that hands all of the opportunities to a chosen few, and expects the rest of us to become cogs in a machine. Our challenge as a nation is to find a balance between rewarding risk, innovation, and enterprise on the one hand and handing the wealthy the keys to the kingdom.

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